Finding it a little difficult now to remember, there was a beginning and I know it happened here, but the memory is a little grainy and out of focus. The Seacock was in fact born here, at Holiday Harbor, its goal was to tell the story of an event that has occurred for many years, the annual sailboat race known as F. E. A. R. The child of a departed friend (and Harbor Master) Bill Gribble. F.E.A.R. translated is Feed Everyone After Race. It was at the time the largest single start sailboat race on the West Coast, sporting as many as 60 boats all starting at the same time (maybe another translation of fear). Being only open to the boats moored at Holiday Harbor this was quite remarkable and even the meekest of sailors would participate, battling it out for the last to finish award! Community, camaraderie, friendship ruled and the after-parties are legend, more food than could be eaten, more beer than could be drank, ( this while sounding good is factually inaccurate, we did drink all the beer (several kegs) and usually ate everything in site ) combined with a seemingly endless supply of spirits, a live band (who were sailors and professional musicians) it is a miracle that any of us survived the entire event. In this altered state I took it upon myself to document this entirely local phenomenon and the next day from my small boat produce a newspaper called “The Seacock” describing the race as a sports event and the party as a social event.  For you land lubbers a seacock is simply a valve mounted in the hull of a boat where you can open or close the flow of seawater into the boat. The marina is gone, most friends have scattered or passed and today The Seacock is about our travel, food and photography, basically it’s about our adventures with reverence to the past and I’m betting if you’re still here, you’re interested in the same.

This is where and why the first Seacock was born, created on my old Catalina 27 (a sail boat that was my home), using Windows 3.1 and Microsoft Publisher in 1994, printed with a dot matrix printer, copied and stapled for distribution the day after the 94 FEAR Race/party! Bonus: an official FEAR entry form from 1999

Holiday Harbor a Story

The birthplace of The Seacock, FEAR, and more Holiday Harbor Lore can be found here!

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