Almost Benedict

Almost Benedict

As I mentioned before the desire to prepare more than the design calls for is very tempting. This time I have pushed the calorie count to 400 (estimated) by adding bacon and scallops to the menu. A steady diet of 200 calorie breakfasts will not work long term and flavor must rule. So, I will insert these higher calorie breakfast at times in favor of flavor and the psychological lift they provide.

1               Egg – sunny side up
1               Slice Canadian Bacon
1               English Muffin, buttered
3               1/2 strips of bacon
3               small scallops – from Traders Joes, frozen, thawed overnight in the fridge
1/2           Grapefruit
12             Blueberries
12             Pomegranate seeds

There is no hollandaise sauce here, the fetching Mrs. Seacock feels it’s to rich and heavy for her palate, and we were not suffering from a hangover like Mr. Lemuel Benedict the father of Eggs Benedict. In 1894 Mr. Benedict seeking relief from a collision with adult beverages the night before wandered into the Waldorf Hotel  hoping to find a cure for his morning hangover, he ordered “buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon, and a hooker of hollandaise.” Oscar Tschirky, the famed maître d’hôtel, was so impressed with the dish that he put it on the breakfast and luncheon menus but substituted ham and a toasted English muffin for the bacon and toast. I substituted with bacon wrapped scallops! In a future post I will describe replacing hollandaise sauce in other eggs benedict type recipes.

Tip: I pre-cooked the bacon in a microwave a little, seared the scallops in a cast iron skillet and carefully wrapped the scallops with the soft pre-cooked bacon and placed in a pre heated oven for a few minutes to finish.

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