Canadian Bacon and Fruit

Canadian Bacon and Fruit

This is a 220 calorie (estimate based on calorie counts research) breakfast that is very easy to prepare, takes little time and does not require a lot of clean up. I am a simple guy, at 5:30 am I am not into complicated tasks.

1                  Egg
1                  Slice of Canadian Bacon
1/4 cup     Caramelized onions
1/2             Med. Grapefruit meat
12               Blueberries
12               Pomegranate seeds
Small         amount of sliced lemon peel

Eggs are wonderful things, I will use eggs frequently for PC breakfasts, why, because I like them. They are packed with so much flavor and protein the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) categorizes eggs as Meats within the Food Guide Pyramid, unbelievable. This time the egg was prepared up, cooked in canola oil, note: the fruit counts are approximate (math does not contribute to flavor) . It was served with one slice of buttered whole wheat toast (not pictured) and one glass of grapefruit juice (as much as possible from the prepared grapefruit). I find it very difficult to restrict portions, the temptation to add components or double up on whats there is so irresistible, that it is the biggest challenge to breakfast prep. (Full disclosure – I Love to Eat  Breakfasts : -)  I am of course preparing two of these breakfasts every morning one for me, and one for the fetching Mrs. Seacock who gets to enjoy the olfactory sensations created by early morning breakfast prep. The physical benefits of breakfast have been discussed but the psychological reward of smelling cooking food at the beginning of your day need more exploration.

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