Our last stop, travel to Cesky Krumlov. More like Prague, less like Telc, Cesky Kromlov is a popular tourist destination. You can do day trips from Prague via bus, returning the same day. We drove in from Telc by backroads following our now trusted GPS to another airbnb arraigned by Lucia before the trip. Still raining and cold, we didn’t let this dampen our spirit. The city center is an easy walk from the airbnb with plenty to see, eat and drink! Toured a castle with an art gallery in the dungeon, spent the entire day walking. More shops than you can shake a stick at, museums, restaurants and beautiful colorful historic buildings. You can wander around all day on cobblestones ducking in and out of local attractions. Lucia bought her Italian shoes here and enjoyed a great evening meal produced by Head Chef Jiri of Jakub restaurant, whom we meet in a cafe earlier in the day! More on that later!   

Trust the GPS young Jedi, kept looping through my head as we drove deeper and deeper into the unknown, passing through towns, then villages, the roads becoming smaller and smaller. Both of us scared, driving in a foreign country not speaking Czech, what could go wrong, right! The GPS was spot on all the time, we grew to believe. Astonishing journey everyday as we drove from one destination to another, can’t wait to do it again! BTY, the bug walking around the inside of the windshield was not harmed during the shooting of this video, after, well…..

Grocery Shopping

On the way to our airbnb, stopped for food and wine at Albert, the dominant grocery store chain


Located in a Soviet era apartment building, our airbnb

According to the Fetching Mrs. Seacock, Cesky Krumlov was one of three places we must see. She had done most of the heavy lifting preparing for our trip, who was I to argue;) Below are images from our wandering, more than 6 miles we walked according to her super fancy watch which keeps track of things like that!


Mezinardoni Galerie

Walking through the Mezinardoni Galerie is a humbling experience

Jakub's Restaurant

From a cafe to elegant dining, through wine, new friends and conversation

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