French or Roman, Who Cares!

French or Roman, Who Cares!

Not sure where the French got claim on French toast but glad someone did. French toast shows up in Latin recipes from the 4th century by Romans who seemed to really enjoy playing with their food! As a practical matter it’s a great way to make old bread tasty and historically that seems to be what made French toast famous. This tasty simple morning starter is only 338 calories!

1            Slice French Toast

½             Sliced peach (med)

12            Blueberry’s

20            Pomegranate Seeds

2            Pieces of Bacon

Around the world French toast is enjoyed using many types of bread, I chose thick sliced bread from a local Taiwan bakery. In fact I keep a loaf in the freezer and when the mood strikes just break off two slices and prepare, keeping with the simple, low labor model for our breakfasts. Peaches are in season and taste great with the toast and butter, bacon, and a little maple syrup flavors! For only 92 calories more add one fried egg on top of the French toast and boost the flavor factor!!

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