Lap Around The Czech Republic

Lap Around The Czech Republic

October 2015

Having two full days in Prague we left in our rental car for a tour around the country. Have to say we could easily have spent a week in Prague. We throw our bags into the little Peugeot 208 Turbo Diesel, our rental car for the trip. It is small but nice and enough room for the two of us. Maps in hand and our ability to not be able to read (understand) road signs we start the car and right away create stress. After living in the LA area for over 30 years, you’ll find most drivers use automatic transmissions. LA traffic makes the choice of automatic transmission in your car a no-brainer, why am I telling you this you’re wondering? Our Peugeot has a manual transmission, in fact it was considerably more expensive to rent a car with an automatic transmission. We get in I and turn the key without pushing in the clutch and our little Red hot Rod lurches forward into the fairway of the parking lot and starts up before I can push in the clutch pedal and regain control. OMG, we’re stopped, Lucia is laughing at me, It had been years since I drove a manual, looking around no one saw this little boo – boo, so I’m good. No harm no foul I’m thinking, but we should get out of here now!

Follow our self guided tour on the links below


Day one of our lap around the Czech Republic – Destination: Strawhouse


Beautiful and fascinating driving courtesy of the scenic setting on the GPS. Destination: Telc


Last two days in the Czech Republic, a saddening fact – Destination: Cesky-Krumlov

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