So far so good!

48 degrees and rain is what we discovered in the morning. The strawhouse uses a wood stove for heat and our nice fire from the previous night had almost gone out. Chilly yes, but we had slept in the loft taking advantage of the rising warm air, lounging into midmorning. I could hear creatures walking around on the thatched roof during the night, the stress of travel and the unknown kept me in a sleepy state past our normal waking time. The “Hobbit Hole” is nice, comfortable and unusual, but there is one thing you must know if you plan to stay there, when nature calls you will use an outhouse type toilet which is located in the house. Behind a curtain away from the main part of the house near the front door is a bench with a hole (seat) where you do your business. No water, no flush, plenty of paper and new way to wake yourself up when it’s 48 degrees and the wood stove has cooled. Business done we packed our kits and headed to Lucy (our little red rental car). On the way we were flagged down by Mira, she invited us in for some homemade bread paired with the previously mentioned mint tea  (their mint plants produce HUGE leaves).

Mira gives us a history lesson

Grabbing a big round hunk of bread, a big sharp knife, Mira slices bread as it’s been done for hundreds of years! Later Lucia said she had seen this before 


We’re off on day 2 of our lap around the Czech Republic, but not without some stress! Wandering around a foreign country is adventurous, but not knowing where you are or how to get to where you want adds a little tension to the trip!

We did make it to the Hotel Celerin in time for Lucia’s interview. It was scary though, the best internet reception was in the bathroom of the hotel room and it was there the Fetching Mrs. Seacock conducted a job interview in front of 25 people via the internet. Isn’t technology great? Here we are pulling into Telc. It is raw video warts, cold sniffles and all. You can hear some relief in finding our destination!

Traveling through the Czech forests in the rain is beautiful. Having read stories of fantasy, conquest, history makes it easy to imagine ancient tribes (Boll), Questing Knights, Roman legions appearing from the trees. There is no reference to time, you get lost in your thoughts. The Boll people lived in these forests from 400BC to about 8BC, many conquests followed. History is abundant in the Czech Republic and far too much to see on a ten day trip.

Lucia chose Telc as a must see from our couch. She wanted to see the long rows of well conserved Renaissance and Baroque buildings in the original city square. Founded in the 13th century Telc is home to around 6000 happy interesting people. Surrounded by water on two sides the square is all we were able to see in our short time. Don’t make the same mistake we did when you visit Telc! One day was our budgeted time, bad move. Agriculture and tourism drive the economy, not unusual to see a guy drive up to a local cafe on his tractor to discuss politics, local issues and gossip just like here.

Local Cafe Sights & Sounds

Local grog, tea and pizza from cafes in the square

Fell in love with Telc, like everywhere in the Czech Republic there is beauty, friendly helpfull, grateful people. Still in the first generation after Soviet domination, German before, they genuinely embrace freedom, rugged individualism, and have in a very colorful positive way rebuilt their country. A joy to visit!



Off to Cesky Krumlov then back to Prague to return home.

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