Photography, what a splendid way to create frustration!

Good photography is hard work, in the old days when as kids we walked to school every day uphill both ways with shoes that had holes stuffed with old newspaper in knee deep snow (you’ve heard this story, right). At that time we had to have a darkroom to process and print our images. Those were the old days, today it’s different, still fun and still uphill both ways if you’re serious, but we have better shoes for the journey! Was never that good in the darkroom, digital photography has been a blessing to me. The tools available are awesome, learning the tools is where much of the hard work comes in. If you’re really interested in improving I can not recommend enough The Arcanum. Instruction, comradery, and gentle guidance can be found there. Give me a shout if you want to know more!

There are a lot of images on the site, all are my work, better than some, not as good as most. Always working on new stuff! Below are a few images from People, Places and Things!




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