Portion Controlled Breakfasts

Portion Controlled Breakfasts

Walking to my car after a doctor’s appointment where he explains, “at your age weight gain is a problem and if you could lose 20 pounds or more I wouldn’t have to prescribe this medication for your blood pressure. You should consider joining a gym or like I do a personal trainer.” A gym, a personal trainer, yikes – there are two chances of me hiring a personal trainer (borrowing some diet dialect) fat, and slim! I was watching what I ate, almost no cheeseburgers, the rare hot dog, a lot of Asian food but I have been getting bigger as time marches on, so something has to give. That evening discussing the problem with the fetching Mrs. Seacock, who is also suffering from the getting older and bigger syndrome, we decided to take action. Full disclosure, we had been for sometime now making fruit smoothies for breakfast, thinking this was a clever way to eat plenty of fruit and have an easy satisfying breakfast. They were easy and tasty but we did not lose any weight. After several months of this we both found ourselves still snacking in the mid morning just like before because of a general drop in energy with an aggressive hunger that demanded to be fed. I had for a very long time been craving “ a real breakfast” that would include eggs, meat, toast, etc and as we all know “traditional” breakfasts were supposed to kill us very quickly with heart disease, obesity, gout, the clap and everything else the busy body food police could think of. Thankfully mature thought has been applied to nutrition and the egg is not now public enemy number one.

So, here we are needing to lose weight and needing a breakfast that will carry us through the day without being hungry by 10AM. I had been cooking breakfasts on weekends, bacon wrapped scallops with eggs, freshly cut hash browns and corn with toast, and some of Taiwan’s best tea’s, or maybe scrambled eggs with feta cheese and hot sausage links, freshly sliced fried potatoes with caramelized onions and toast. Of course with a fine Chinese Tea! Or maybe pancakes, or omelets, etc. We would both go about our day without feeling hungry until mid afternoon and most often not eat again until dinner. Holy eating satisfaction batman, what have we learned! In a sober moment I was looking at a sushi plate and thinking what if I made this kind of breakfast every day but only enough to fill this little plate. Would it, could it work?

So began the PC (Portion Controlled) breakfast soliloquy. Typical servings are 1 egg, 1 small portion of meat, small green or fruit salad and 1 piece of toast. That is the schematic of my PC breakfast. We did both lose about five pounds each over the course of six weeks then went to Toronto/Prince Edwards Island where we gained it all back in 10 days. Now we’re back on the beam and I will keep you updated on what I cook and how it’s working.

Click on the images to see specific breakfasts which have been tested many times in our lab/kitchen;)

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