Where There’s Smoke there’s Fish

Where There’s Smoke there’s Fish

I know, I know, fish for breakfast? Well let me tell you of days gone by when I arose early on a Saturday morning, wake up dog, get him and me in the ultimate fishing machine (a retired ProRally race car, full roll cage, cooler where the back seat had been, pole holders attached to aforementioned roll cage, aggressive all terrain tires, full tank of gas and coffee) and blast off into the Wasatch Mountains in Utah in search of Trout. I mostly did this alone but on special occasions I had fellow enthusiasts who understood the value of fishing, beverages, and eating! This is all leading to Sunday morning after fishing where the freshly caught trout were filleted, prepared in various ways and combined with bacon, freshly made hash browns, eggs, toast and a tinny or two of Fosters Lager. Why, your wondering would I do such a thing? Mostly to watch the NFL early game and have a nice nap! Sorry, this portion controlled breakfast almost made me cry. Fish is a wonderful protein for breakfast, just don’t abuse it like I did in the past.

1            Egg
4 oz      Smoked King Salmon
1/2       Med. Peach
1 Slice  Whole Wheat Toast (not pictured)
1 tbs     Honey (on the peaches)

320 Calories is where this very simple breakfast lines up. The egg/fish combination is a flavor treat, add toast and you have everything a breakfast should be. Finish with the peaches drizzled with honey and a sprinkle of tajin savory spice and you can attack the world with a portion controlled state of mind!

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